About Me...

Nice to meet you, I'm Thenesse.

I'm a freelance content writer. I help women entrepreneurs craft their message online so they stand out to their audience and close more sales.


I love creating blogs, articles, and web content on lifestyle, personal development, and travel niche. I'm best at helping women entrepreneurs reach their target audience by making their business visible online through written content. I plan to help them with my graphic design and social media management skills for their marketing strategy in the near future.


I've worked with several entrepreneurs and have written several blog posts & web content about their business.


When I'm not helping women entrepreneurs write content, you can find me watching Hollywood movies on my bed.


Want to work together? I'd love to hear from you.

You can find me at facebook.com/blissfulmaidencontentwriter or you can email me at tnescornelio21@gmail.com.