35 Interesting Things to Do During This Coronavirus Outbreak

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I don’t think God punishes us through this Coronavirus pandemic. Upon checking, almost every century has a pandemic disease. Do you also feel that we are like in an Apocalyptic movie? It’s almost impossible, but this is happening.

Everybody stops doing their “normal” or routine life. This is a great opportunity to answer any what-ifs in your life. What if I practice it before? What if I said it to him/her? What if I can do it today? Remember, you have one great thing in your hands — TIME.

May you be an introvert who loves solitude or an extrovert who likes to party, here are some things you can do while at home:

Individual quiet activities

The delight of a staycation

1. Read. This will take your mind and soul to a different time, place, and tale. Imagine yourself traveling without getting tired. As you flip the page, with whatever genre or reading material you have, your heart will skip a beat as you are excited for the next thing that will happen. Pick any dusted book on your shelf or search a random e-book on the internet and start your full of surprise journey.

2. Write. If you feel depressed about not being able to go out, why not express it through writing, literally? Pour out your negative feelings in a journal or notebook. Put all your cares through written words and slowly your heart will feel light. But if you’re the optimistic kind, try to write what made you happy or any blessings you received during the day. One thing I love about writing is that it contains so much freedom expressing my ideas and experiences without being judged or complained. Feeling more creative? Start scribbling a short story or a novel, whichever you prefer.

3. Take photos. Challenge your limitations. Be imaginative as you can be. Instead of the usual selfie, why not have some twist on it by having a unique border on your picture. You’ll be the one to decide what will it be.

4. Look for old printed photos and forgotten stuff. Imagine yourself back down to your memory lane. Do you recall what do you look like when you were a baby or a preschooler? Do you remember the dress or suit you wore during your prom? You’ll discover various memories by looking at your own stuff. Savoring that warm old feeling makes you feel happier and less lonely.

5. Pray. As written in my favorite bible verse Matthew 19:26, “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘For human beings this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” You can lay all your problems to Him, including finding the cure to Corona virus. He will always listen to you with no judgment.

6. Self check-up. When is the last time you listen to your body? Physically, check your external and internal body parts. See if you got no wound or rash and you are feeling okay doing ordinary activities (e.g. walking, sitting, running, etc.). Mentally reflect and discern. Is something bothering you? It is your conscience telling you what you wronged. Or if not, remember how you treat the surrounding people. Do you think you are treating them with kindness, especially when they did something wrong with you? Process and your heart will know what to do next.

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

7. Meditate or do yoga. Sit down in a quiet part of your house, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing by exhaling and inhaling slowly for 10 minutes. Meditation allows you to be still and relax. It is also very easy. Yoga involves not only meditation (dhyana) but also physical movements (asana), breathing (pranayama), and relaxation (savasana). All contribute to a whole new level of mind and body wellness. Watch first how to do a basic yoga pose.

8. Sleep. The time for sleeping varies per person. No matter what, recover the hours you lost of not sleeping enough. Your body will not only feel healthier but also lightens the mood of your soul. There’s something treasurable in having a refreshed feeling.

9. Sew. Check all your clothing items for any holes. Sew any small holes before it gets too big, it might be late.

10. First aid. Review how to do first aid. You’ll never know whom you can save with using this skill. Prepare a first aid kit in your home where everyone knows where it is and how to use it.

11. Do a forgotten hobby.

12. Research and be amused by something unusual, crazy, mysterious or anything random on the Internet.

13. Sunbathe. I will never forget the day when I stand on our ground and catch the warmness of the sun early in the morning. This happened while the community quarantine is just starting. As I stand to chat with my sister, I noticed that the sun’s rays are not hurting my skin but massaging it through its warmth. I always thought the sun just hurts my skin, but it just happens when I’m out in the afternoon. Besides, it was very relaxing.

Sole with sounds activities

14. Sing. Do not stop expressing yourself. Heightened your feelings by vocalizing your favorite good old songs accompanied by the original singer and its music. Sing each song as if doing your own MTV.

15. Dance. You can dance to the beat of any music. Losen up. Also, move your body greatly to sweat a lot. This will help you lose weight.