5 Affordable & Fun Dating Places You Must Go Now

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

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“Why would you go on a date with him?” In romantic films, they commonly ask this question to the protagonist. In reality, someone always asks it by one person -you. When two people go out in a place where they will share a common activity, enjoy having lunch and tell each other's stories these are called dates. But how will you choose your dating place depends on two things -your date’s interest and your budget.

In this article, I will talk about the affordable and fun dating places that every couple will find very interesting. Most of these are right under your nose.

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1. Your House. If you and your date had dated several times, and he or she still wants to get to know you more, your house or where you live in the most suitable place. You could show him/her your baby or childhood photos, your family photo album, or your favorite part of the house. Also, you may have an indoor candlelit dinner that you personally cooked and prepared. That lets him/her feel important and special. The fun part of letting your date know how your home or things inside it looks like is how he or she will react about it. In your part, you’ll see if you still like to date with that person.

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2. Park. Green trees, green grasses, spacious and not overcrowded parks are usually free. With this scenery who could resist nature’s beauty? To add, you could bring snacks like sandwiches and start a lovely picnic. For me, the breeze of the wind that touches my skin and the chats my date and I share are my faves.

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3. Fast-food chains. Where to get delicious yet affordable food? Any fast-food chain bought from like Jollibee, McDonald’s, or Greenwich to name some. Happy special someone by the filled tummy.

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4. Church. It takes three to have a successful relationship as they say - you, your partner, and God. It is good to know if the faith or religion of your date is the same as yours. Do you believe in God? Get to know Him with your date and together deepen your spiritual side inside the church.

5. Museum. Where do you want to go to the Philippines’ history? See it at the National Museum. The museum offers free entrance. You could choose from Fine Arts, Anthropology, Natural History, and National Planetarium. These practical outdoor dating places are just the most common ones. You could invent other activities like treasure hunting in your friend’s place or cooking contest to show off both your culinary skills and see who’s viand tastes the best. Remember, the ultimate goal of a date is to get to know the other person while having a great time together.

In case your date didn’t enjoy the activity you’ve done, you could ask him/her directly if he/she still wants to go out with you and if yes, what activity he/she likes to do with you.

Good luck dating that person!

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