5 Simple Tips for Posting Consistently on Social Media

Updated: Feb 4

When you start as an entrepreneur, you do your business and other tasks all by yourself every day, not to mention one of the most crucial tasks - posting consistently. Because everyone and every industry are on at least one social media platform (e.g. Facebook), you also need to be regularly and consistently seen by your target audience.

Regularly means several times a week, the old saying still goes “Quality over quantity.” As Lemonlight’s blog puts it, “the rule of seven, a guiding principle from the Golden Age of advertising, which purports that the average prospective customer needs to notice something (like your brand) seven times before they take action.

I used to be inconsistent in my posts. After all, I lose my focus on the topics that I should write because I get distracted with reading and researching "different solutions" to my other marketing problems. And today, I’d like to share a few doable and straightforward tips to help you tick off the task of posting consistently for your business.

5 Simple Tips for Posting Consistently

Content means post in this blog’s context.

1. Make creating content a habit. Write your content for at least 10 minutes a day. Save it in your notebook or phone. Repeat these every day and do this with FUN! Think about the word content as a “passion,” “golden bridge,” or “dancing,” something you love, worthy, simple and fun, respectively.

2. Have a content calendar. Use your phone’s Google calendar or Google Sheet to plan out your content for a month. Don’t forget to include your goal/s for the month (or week) before starting. Do steps 1 & 2 with an alarm so that you’ll be reminded and help you stick to the schedule.

3. Give a prize for yourself. Every hard work should have a reward. It makes you happy and stays motivated. Only give a bonus when you reach a particular goal like 1,000 New Page Likes/Followers, 500 New Group Members, or 50 comments in a post, for example. Your prizes for yourself can be a new OOTD, fine dining, or a brand new phone.

4. Serve your audience first. Put yourself in your audience and customer’s shoes.

  • What is her answer to my X problem?

  • How should I do X?

  • Can I afford her products/services?

Give value before receiving any likes, comments, or clicks. Your audience should know, like, and trust you first.

More importantly, keep them happy and interested.

While maintaining your brand’s voice in your posts, reply to their comments with enthusiasm. Happy followers tend to share the content they like. More followers equal to more audience!

5. Take advantage of social media tools. You can preschedule your content in these samples:

  1. Facebook & Instagram posts: Facebook's Creator Studio

  2. FB, IG, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube: Hootsuite

  3. Instagram & Pinterest: Planoly

The first one is free, while the rest has free and paid packages. Pick something you can easily access and simple to use to maximize your content creation time.

Final thoughts

Experience is the best teacher. You could always make your own posting consistently tricks that are effective and fun. But if you like to try a new strategy, choose any of the tips above. Have patience and keep practicing!

If you really don’t have the time to create your content every day, maybe it’s time to hire a content writer to help you. I have five spots for FREE 30-min. 1:1 Content Shaping Session. We will talk about improving your social media captions or any content you use and doing a quick audit. Book a call here.

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