9 Tips On How To Write Valuable Content Quickly

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Typing fast can literally make you write valuable content quickly

Making valuable content quickly is not possible at first. If you’re a busy female entrepreneur and don’t have an organized content writing system, you’ll be a directionless whirlwind. I write content like blogs and listicles since last year, but I’ve experienced several pitfalls because of 1 major thing - I didn’t prepare a plan.

I felt confused, unfocused & tired. Imagine yourself going somewhere without knowing where it is, but you already headed out. But being an entrepreneur myself is a learning process, and I’ve learned from other’s strategies.

Tips on Writing Valuable Content Quickly

To avoid falling for the same mistakes and bang your head on your desk (I didn’t do that, don’t worry), here are a few tricks to write your content faster - saving tons of your energy & time. ;)

1. Build your foundation. Ask yourself these basic things - who’s your audience (demographics, geographics & psychographics), what type of content they relate to (blogs, videos, photos, etc.), & how they consume it. Note this every time you write.

2. Plan. Make a list of topics related to your business and spread them out using a calendar. Choose topics that will benefit your audience: help them be informed and solve their problems. After, you now have a content calendar good for several months.

I use Google Calendar and set reminders so it just pops up on my PC’s screen.

Some influencers will say you write your content every day while some do not. I write my blog post once a week while my social media posts thrice because I don’t want to annoy my audience.

3. Know your point. Start writing content with your topic by asking yourself what you are trying to say. If you know it, you can make an outline and other relevant information. Your audience will get your simple message and keep on reading your post.

4. Keep your ideas. Save your astonishing ideas in one place. Make sure that you can easily grab and see your idea where you store it. I use Google Keep and whether I’m using a PC or my phone, I can easily get it.

Pro tip: Compare your ideas to your competitor’s content published online. Observe the gap in their content and use it to your advantage.

5. Make it simple. You should only write what you know. Your audience will thank you because you teach them your expertise using simple terms. Their reading will not be interrupted just to look into a dictionary. Also, make it short enough so they’re not loaded with so much information.

If you’re not sure about writing your next content, you can hire a content writer whose expertise in talking to different audiences is tried.

6. Use a timer. Push yourself to focus and write fast by setting a timer. Your creative juices and experiences will help you write want you need to say. You can use your phone’s timer, your PC’s or an app.

When you know your deadline to make a blog is at 3 pm, you’ll do everything just to finish it than when your deadline is a week-duration.

Pro tip: Aside from writing, use your timer to take BREAKS. Pausing your work for a few minutes gives you more productivity, energy, focus, and fun. I take breaks usually once in the morning and twice in the afternoon.

7. Write first, then edit. I just recently learned this trick.

Separate editing from writing.

It makes it very easy to edit if you’ve written all your ideas on a single topic. Do not multi-task in your writing process. Let your thoughts fly with no disturbance. Write. Just write only.

I am still practicing this, and I caught myself with minor editing just like how I did this blog post. But compared before, my energy did not zap out.

8. Type in fast. The first step to write fast is to study and practice the correct fingers for each character on your keyboard. You can practice at Typing Test and see for yourself how fun it is to test and hone your typing skills. It will take some time to increase your typing speed but just be consistently persevering, and committed to leveling up.

Pro tip: Have writing prompts every morning before you start your day. Another option is to write your blessings or what you are grateful for on your computer. Log in your start and end time. As you do this every day for 15-20 minutes, you will see your progress.

9. Practice. Making content quickly takes practice to make it to your system. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes because it will help you grow and get smarter. As you practice, you develop your own shortcuts to write faster 2x!

As a talented gymnast said,

Practice creates confidence. Confidence empowers you. - Simone Biles


Writing your content is fun if you clearly planned.

You shouldn’t rush your content but craft and edit carefully, so you have answered your audience’s problems with sense. You’ll create valuable content quickly as you develop your organized content system.

As a starting female entrepreneur, you shouldn’t stress yourself creating your content online. Try doing any of these tips today.

Ready for another blog? Try reading 5 Ways to Make You Awesome at Writing Your Content That Converts.

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