How to Make a Personal Voice

Before we learn tips & tricks about writing blogs, social media copy (or captions), and web content, let's find out your personal voice. Do you know what that is?

how to write your personal voice for your business

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As an entrepreneur, you might ask why you need a personal voice when you write. It’s not a literal voice.

Businesses are fast-paced and global nowadays. Many business relations begin, virtually through social media posts, emails, or websites. The information that your clients, team, business partners, and even competitors read about you, and from you, must deliver the right message right away.

You want to be sure that everything you write makes the best impression and creates a positive image.

By developing a personal voice, you send a message about who you are with every communication you write. Your posts, emails, mission vision statement, proposals, and presentations will stand out.

Think about these prominent companies and their trademark slogans.

  • McDonald’s - I’m lovin it

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken - Finger lickin’ good

  • Disneyland - Happiest place on earth

So, how can you create your own personal voice? Here are three simple ways:

1. Concentrate on your target readers. When you focus on your readers better than yourself, you think about what they must know and how you can tell that information easily. Use the pronouns that address your reader. You, your, and yours, more than the pronouns about you, I, my, or mine.

Always include all the essential details your readers need. Also, emphasize the information that is most valuable to your readers at the beginning of your message, and repeat it at the end.

This is a clear sign to your readers that you're thinking about them.

2. Write actively. Active writing is simple to understand and remember. It's easy to understand the action word and who does it. The best and easiest way to write actively is to use active verbs.

For example, Nicole Crafts develops the products you need when you want them and where you want them.


We are making plans to develop a new program.


We are planning a new program.

3. Be warm and genuine. Think of how you would speak to your target readers and write the same way. Allow your readers to see your smile in your writing.

Your goal is to express yourself positively, sincerely, and to treat all your readers equally. This means that you avoid language that discriminates against readers in any way. Including their gender, age, race, religion, or background. You don't need formal language, too much humility, or unnecessary jargon.

To wrap up, you need 3 keys to develop a personal voice when you write for your business. Concentrate on your target readers, write actively and be warm and sincere.

To concentrate on your target readers, you talk to them directly and let them know they are the heart of your business. To write actively, you use active subjects and verbs. Finally to be warm and sincere. You’ll eventually write naturally and treat all your readers equally.

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