How to Write Now for Yourself

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Writing is no effortless task for anyone, especially if you do not love writing! Write anyway. What stops you? A lot of things? Not exactly, but just your mind. Your mind is telling you to focus on everything but not on writing. Just type or hold that pen with the blank paper right in front of you. Do not discourage yourself from writing anything.

Here are several practical tips on getting to write.

Start. An example is to write about your feelings. How are you feeling right now? Are you okay? If yes, what made you feel good? If not, what happened?

Let the words flow with feelings, unexpressed ideas, and/or emotions. Do not hold back. You can now scribble it.

You can also tell your excess baggage stories. Feel those unwanted emotions. Then you can have peace within yourself. You can start healing the wounds of your terrible memories.

Begin reading. Read some articles that your interest catches. Whatever it is you can write it down. How about your opinion or reactions to that article? Whatever voice you have, let it show - express it with letters then words then to phrases then to sentences to paragraphs.

If it’s hard, then move on. Even if the words make little sense, just move forward. You can edit those later.

Write your thoughts about people. You can write about your views about the person you cared the most or if you feel more intense - your enemies. You read it right. Writing is about expressing your inner voice. No one can judge you except for yourself. This happens just in the first phase of your writing because nobody reads it except you.

Write about how did your mom or dad tuck you at night when you where young, how you missed those days when you don’t go to school because it’s a holiday, how your friend defended you against bullies, or how you eat ice cream from your hard saved money when you were a child.

Do not express any opinion as soon as you felt it. Another tip, words form when you feel so much about one thing. Just don’t tell anyone yet. Say, for example, you like a girl who does not express your intentions with her first. You must turn to your partners first - your pen and paper. Pour out all your feelings there first because you practice expressing yourself clearly, slowly, and genuinely.

In that way, you are not interrupted because your very nervous or you lack words because your mouth has been frozen because of nervousness again. It’s funny, but it’s true, right?

Writing helps you to keep your thoughts straight and clear.

You can also hear your very own voice. No one’s blaming you for anything or being skeptical (yet).

Write now. It is not the end of 24 hours today. Write now. There is still a lot of paper or your phone’s battery if you prefer to type it digitally. Write now. You’ll never know who will be inspired or moved by your emotions or message. It’s good to leave a legacy with caring words that come out straight from your sincere heart.

Writing should come from the heart. The heart is always true. The heart says it all.

After you said everything, start editing. Re-read your letters, phrases, punctuation marks, grammar, and the logic or sense of your whole written piece. Read all over again several times to make sure it’s all correct and logical.

Some Personal Thoughts

I enjoy writing because it makes me happy. I can continue doing it for several hours, yet no one is disrupting me, disturbing me, talking to me, and much better is no one’s better than me as a writer as writing needs to be done alone.

I enjoy writing because it makes me happy. I can express myself with 100% freedom with whatever I have to say, anyone can take it or leave it, so what? I did still express it. It’s very healthy - mentally, emotional, and physical (I don’t hurt anyone with words or their bodies).

I enjoy writing because it makes me happy. I do enjoy choosing words, weighing which words to use so it has more impact, power, and putting them all together.

Yes, you can believe that words are powerful.

As they say, it can make or break a person. :) I delight in making a person better. Feel better and inspired, if I may say so.

There is so much noise on earth you can’t believe everything they say is true. There is so much noise and makes you wonder what to do and what to choose - what is right, anyway?

When you are inspired, motivated, and feel really good - you tend to do things that are right and good. Not on my standard but God’s standard. Righteousness is not something you can feel bad about but be proud of. Not too much proud but just happy within yourself. If you feel right (judged by your silent conscience) then you are doing the right thing.

Written words or spoken words have both impacts on people - whatever is the exact meaning of those. When you take words literally you processed fast, your emotions act fast, you react fast, and without thinking you could lose a precious relationship. Here, any kind of relationship - parent and child, friendship, romantic relationship, boss and employee relationship, etc.

With writing, you can do everything! It’s the power to create, be someone, be anything! Yup that’s right - anything!

That’s where all popular and classic movies come from - from the imagination of the writers! It starts with a single mind, processed, being given an opportunity then later approval from the producer and the masses. Get it on with your writing now.

You’ll feel the following after you write - relieved, peaceful, calm, relax, refreshed, energized, motivated, inspired, happy, positive, and at one with yourself. That is a great accomplishment that no one else can do it except you. Money can’t buy that. Do you have any writing tips to add? Share it with us in the comment.

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