Surprising Sweet Treats (Food Review)

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

You’ll never know when will a great blessing will come knocking to you. I come across an online concert on Facebook a month before where to my wonder it had a raffle. I hope and pray that I will win while I was choosing which prizes I like to have.

After several weeks when someone told me I won, no prize came. I let it go because it's no big deal. But last Friday there's something that happened.

A delivery guy was at our gate. He said there was a milk tea for me. I said my thanks but can't contain my curiosity so I asked who could've given it to me. He kindly showed me his list where an unfamiliar person's name appeared and a famous Samgyupsal restaurant. It was really meant for me for there's my complete name, mobile number, and home address.

Woah! Ube with Milk Only?!

Photo by Cesar L. Marciano Jr.

Let's get to my first surprisingly sweet treat - rare sweet milk infused flavored drink.

Line Up Cafe PH (Manila) has given me a Cream Cheese Ube, one of their specialty drinks. For me, it was rare because I haven't seen ube or yam with cold milk drinks in milk tea shops. I contacted them and asked why I have a free drink from them. It's confirmed! I won that online concert's raffle. Thank you, Lord.

The verdict? It was like a creamy ube ice cream! It has a moderate sweet kick which even centennials (50s and up) will surely enjoy. I was sipping it slowly making it less cold. Then I had an idea to put it in our freezer. After several minutes, the texture was similar to soft ice cream. It made me happier drinking it!

Another thing I like about it was it doesn't have any pearl. I'm not a fan of it neither hate it. But I tasted something new - frozen ube strips or maybe it was coconut? It's crunchy and tasty. It blends well with the drink's overall taste.

I really felt good the first time I sipped it and never get tired drinking it. The cold sweet specialty drink runs through my throat refreshed me. I think it's great for all ages and if you want to take a break from working at home, indulge in this yummy drink.

Want more of their flavors? Visit their page here.

Photo by Cesar L. Marciano Jr.

Video from Line Up Cafe PH

A Sweet Special Cake

After several minutes of sipping cream cheese ube, someone called me. He told me I was having a cake! It's not my birthday you know. This is still part of my prize. Talk about a sweet treat on a weekend!